Strangebird Wine Trail


Strangebird Wine Trail

Look out for the ‘Stangebird’ logo while visiting wineries in the Granite Belt. Currently there are 23 participating cellar doors in the Granite Belt which have 25 alternative grape varieties.

Ridgemill Estate has 3 alternative ‘Strangebird’ varieties: Jacques, Saperavi and Tempranillo.

Unique to Australia, StrangeBird is the quirky name that identifies the alternative wine varieties produced on the Granite Belt. Following the StrangeBird trail will give you a chance to dip into a bottle of Viognier or Mourvedre; learn how to pronounce Gewürztraminer or discuss the perfect food match for a bottle of Tempranillo.

The Granite Belt is a premium boutique wine region. Wine has been produced here for generations, with the first vines planted by an Italian Catholic priest more than 100 years ago. The Granite Belt is a versatile growing region with a unique terrior, due to varying elevation ranging from 700m to 1200m above sea level – creating some of the highest altitude wines in Australia.

Apart from more traditional styles, the region is quickly gaining recognition as Australia’s favourite for alternative wine varieties. To be considered alternative a variety must represent not more than 1% of the total bearing vines in Australia as defined by the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation (ABWC).

Tagged the ‘next generation of wine’, alternative varietals have been popular in leading European wine regions for generations, and are emerging in popularity because of their ability to match perfectly with food.

On the StrangeBird wine trail you will not be short of choice. Elevate your taste, discover a sense of adventure and educate your palate. Follow the trail, take a detour, adopt a strange bird and take it home today!